Dienstag, 24. August 2010

White Trash

I'm only 29, and I've met more than 10 people who harmed me physically and sexually. Emotionally, of course, too. I guess every physical or sexual injury is linked to some emotional damage, to put it mildly.
People sometimes ask me if I am non-forgiving. My opinion: Not always. I have met some people from the past, and they became people for the future for me. However, some people waste every morsel inside them that might make them somehow sympathetic to me. If somebody has been abusing, controlling, manipulating and exploiting you for a decade or longer, there probably will be a day when you no longer see him or her as a human person, but as inhuman and sub-animal. More like an "it". Its outer appearance might be human to other people, but to you it is more like a rag doll or a mechanical dog.
Since last Friday I've made the experience that you can have a marriage lasting for decades, college-educated kids and still be white trash. If you deliberately lie to the police in order to ruin the debris of a down and out, out of work young woman's life, who on top of that has a severe disability, who has been suicidal since her pre-teen years…you probably are white trash.
Cletus and Brandine, don't take this as an insult!

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